Mike Golby

I try to capture the essence of place. A camera supplies enough information and processing offers adequate screening to find and extract from any image my experience of that which is before me. In short, my images reflect only my experience captured in a moment of space and time. Experience, i.e. a lengthy process of walking, living or learning a subject, informs and accentuates my interpretation (processing) and meaning – that is, each image distils many 'moments experienced'. Hence my tendency towards density and, perhaps, 'moodiness'. Rendering such images makes for a difficult, time-consuming and never-ending learning process punctuated, when a photograph matches memory, by moments of wonder and a temporary satisfaction that spur me to attempt ever-better reflections of the world about me. Whether or not my perception of a scene corresponds with yours can form part of an interpretive dialogue initiated by the making of these photographs. Such dialogue sustains mutually beneficial internal and external conversations. I hope you're able to relate to my small corner of the Universe. If so, watch this space... you can also email or find me on:   or   .